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the changing climate of it

Climate change is no longer an ‘if’ or a ‘when’, but is instead a ‘what now?’

And while industrialized countries are the biggest sources of greenhouse gases, the world’s poorest populations—those with the greatest dependence on natural resources, who are the most vulnerable to extremes, and with the least capacity to satisfy basic needs of food, water, healthcare, and shelter—are the first to suffer from climate change and unpredictable food and water supplies.

As artisan wells dry up and water becomes scarce during Nicaragua’s worst drought in decades, one local water committee made up of empowered women in La Esperanza—a community who received a solar well in 2012—is determined to make it count for many. Their water supply, a well drilled deep into a healthy aquifer, is still going strong. Laura and the other member families are welcoming neighbouring communities hardest hit by lack of water to share their water source. To share their good fortune. To share the wealth. And health.

Communities, working together to adapt. Beautiful. And aren’t we all just one big community?

My last post indicated that we were halfway to our goal. While I was excited, others responded with an “only half way?!” I want to clarify that the total reflects what has been collected and is in hand. And while an updated total of $6,000 has now been collected, I want to note that committed funds will likely take us over our goal and on our way to funding a second well!!

I plan to travel to Nicaragua in March to inaugurate our well (more on this later), so it would be great to get outstanding funds in as soon as possible.  Thanks all, for believing in one big community!

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