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1. What is For the Well of It? How does it work? (Translation: I am late to the game. I don’t get it.)

This past spring, a group of thirty joined forces, and we have given ourselves a year to each raise just a dollar a day ($365 in case you are not great at math). Because, together, small can be BIG! At the end of the year, we will drill a well in a community in Nicaragua currently going without.

Through this site, I will bring you there virtually. I cannot wait!

2. Is this your job? (Translation: Are you getting paid for this?) 

For the Well of it is not my job. It is my passion project :).

It is my fundraising campaign/initiative to support the work of Edmonton-based organization, Change for Children. I do communications work part-time for Change for Children (yep, I do get paid for that!), and it is through this work that I have the opportunity to get up close and personal with communities and people in Nicaragua who need help accessing water as a basic human right.

I have met amazing people and heard amazing stories. Lucky me. Truly. And I wanted to share the opportunity for others to have a real impact! I started this campaign and this site (nope, I do not get paid for that!) to give people the opportunity to not only donate to a worthy cause and be part of a solution, but to be able to actually see their kindness in action as well! To be able, through me, to visit the communities and to meet the people. To bear witness.

It is here that I share stories. Mine. Yours. Ours.

3. Have you done this before? (Translation: Are you really going to follow through?)

Last year, our group of thirty included singles, couples, families, groups of friends, workplaces and a classroom! Together, we brought water to the community of San Carlos, Nicaragua. Those are our names on the plaque at the well site! Read about it here! So, yes, I really am going to follow through. No question.

4. How can I get involved? (Translation: I want to do something awesome too! Can I?!)

Third graders are doing it. Families are doing it. My mom is doing it. You can too!

  • Support an upcoming fundraiser (details coming soon!)!
  • Start your own For the Well of It Campaign! Split $10,000 into whatever represents manageable amounts for your group, your friends, your family, your school, your people to do awesome things with…and show everyone that small can be BIG! I would love to add your group to this site and your stories and your progress! I am committed to showing you how, where, and for who you have changed the world.


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