For the WELL of it

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the what of it

The what of it is that we are drilling wells in communities in Nicaragua that currently rely on unreliable, often contaminated water sources for all their water needs. The what of it is that people are getting sick. The what of it is that clean water can change lives!


the how of it

Rally your team together — your family, your friends, your mom, your poker buddies, your coworkers, your team, your yoga class, your brother, your go-to person to do something amazing with (or choose to go it alone!) — and raise $365 over the next year (or choose to contribute to the cause in any amount! Remember, small can be big!). Contact me to let me know you’re ALL IN!


the heart of it

“Water is life.”

It was a simple statement, delivered with ease and sincerity. Jose hadn’t meant the proclamation to be insightful. It was merely a declaration of truth. It was no more than a statement of fact coming from a man who, until one year ago, had never had the convenience, the advantages, or the luxury of a clean, safe, reliable drinking water source. In the small community of La Esperanza in northern Nicaragua, none of its residents had.


the who of it

Visiting the projects of Edmonton-based organization, Change for Children, I have witnessed how access to clean water makes a real difference in the lives of real people in drought-stricken Nicaragua. I have met them. I have given handshakes. I have received hugs. I have been invited into homes. I have shared laughter. I have listened to stories.

I have been moved to start this fundraising initiative because I wanted to not only share the stories of change, but I wanted to help generate them. And, I wanted to give others the opportunity to do the same. Together, we are drilling wells, people! Amazing stuff. Clean water allows communities to begin a new chapter.

Here, I tell their stories. Because I want you to meet the people too. Welcome.


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