For the Love of it. For the Joy of it. For the Soul of it. For the WELL of it!

This blog has morphed to include all things that bring me joy, spread love, fuel my soul, and contribute to WELLness!

I like adventures. And international development projects.

Sharing a little piece of my world.

One adventure at a time.

One water well at a time.

One story at a time.


I started the For the Well of It campaign to fund water wells in Nicaragua (in partnership with Change for Children), because I wanted a platform to share stories of change, but I also wanted to help generate them. And, I wanted to give others the opportunity to do the same. Together, we have drilled four wells, people! Amazing stuff. Clean water allows communities to begin a new chapter. Here, I tell their stories. Because I want you to meet the people too. Welcome.


I also spent a ‘year of awesome’ traveling the world in 2009, volunteering and adventuring my way around the globe. You can travel back in time with me here: www.thefarnyard.blogspot.com.