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Do not adjust your monitor. What you’re seeing is true! The fundraising thermometer has indeed maxed out! And if I were clever enough to show it bursting at the top, I would. If you close your eyes and concentrate really hard, you can probably hear the fireworks going off, see the balloons and confetti dropping from above, and taste the champagne being toasted!

Although I do not have the final tally, we have most certainly surpassed our $10,000 fundraising goal with the funds collected and committed.
Drilling of a water well in a community in the municipality of Chichigalpa is set to take place at the beginning of March, and I will be on the ground to capture the magic. Although it is difficult to predict what stage things will be at upon arrival, I can guarantee that I will bring greetings from the For the Well of itcommunity and will give everyone your best. Because you have given this project your best!

I wish I could take you all with me to witness what your support looks like on the ground. To witness what the people look like, what the places look like, and what change looks like. However, there are new luggage rules, and you just won’t all fit in my suitcase. So, instead, I will be bringing the people, the place, and the process to you! Virtually!

As wifi permits, I promise to post updates on facebookinstagram, and right here!

Next time, with a little bit more notice perhaps (my bad), I hope that you will consider joining me! You’re going to want to pack along your own suitcase, some sunscreen, and certainly your story. A sense of pride is also allowed. So go ahead and throw that in too.

I cannot wait to connect theses two communities!

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