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the jingle wells of it

We are getting close! So close.

Quick update:

There will be a water well.

It will be drilled in the next couple of months.

I will be travelling to Nicaragua in February or March and will visit the community.

The water well will be dedicated. In your name(s)!

The official one-year mark, the original term of the project, is not up until March, and I can still work with this deadline…. however, it would be great to confirm the funds a bit in advance to ensure that the project is in place, or at least rolling, when I visit at the end of February. And yes, that was my not-so-subtle plea for funds sooner rather than later if possible… but no pressure ;).  

Oh what Fun it is indeed…to change someone’s today!

Someone’s tomorrow. Someone’s future. And not just someONE, but a whole community!

Thank you to all of you for your commitment to this project. Thank you to those who have been donating monthly, to those who have made a one-time contribution, to those who have been fundraising throughout the year, and to those who I know will come through in the next month or two!

I look forward to seeing this through and sharing with you as our story continues to unfold!

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