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Bosawas Biosphere Reserve or Bust

The what:

The plan is to visit Miskito and Mayangna indigenous communities located along the river that cuts through the jungles of Bosawas on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras.

Everyone in our group will lend a hand in carrying out mobile dental clinics; the actual dentists in our group will do the actual dental work (no extractions being performed by this girl!); and the writer in the group (me!) will ultimately tell peoples’ stories to help support the work of Change for Children, try not to get squeamish, do my best to avoid encounters with pumas, snakes, and the 150,000 species of insects that inhabit the region, and relish the opportunity to visit this remote area. (Admittedly, the insect avoidance might be wishful thinking, but I am all about optimism).

The how:

As I understand it, we will travel by truck for a day until the road “runs out.” We will then travel by boat (essentially a dugout canoe with a motor) down the Coco River to San Andres where we will set up base operations. The boat ride could take anywhere from 9 to 12 hours, depending on the water level, the weather conditions, and fate…

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