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FOUR the well of it

“Auntie’s gonna be mad!” I heard called out as I came into the house from outside. I was attending a BBQ at my sister’s house and I recognized the little voice making the loud declaration as my six-year-old niece Payton’s. It seems she had walked into the bathroom to find the faucet running wide open into the sink and despite the steady stream of people in and out of the house all day, there was no one around upon whom she could unleash her would-be reprimand. And she was rattled.

I’m not gonna lie, my heart burst with pride. Wide. Open. Because even she knows. She knows that water is valuable. She knows it is to be respected. She knows that some kids don’t have enough to fill a bath or run through a sprinkler. She knows.

And while the delivery of the clean water we support in Nicaragua does not involve stainless steel faucets or porcelain sinks, it is no less carefully managed by those who also know the importance of using it responsibly – by having endured the scarcity and the being without (and not so much by the fear of Auntie’s wrath).

When I started this initiative, it was because I wanted to not only share stories of change, but because I wanted to have a real hand in generating them. And, I wanted to give others the opportunity to do the same. I wanted people to see, and to believe in, and to experience the impact we could all have together!

Your desire to connect communities, your enthusiasm, your coins from your couch cushions, your change drives, your water walks, your bottle collection traditions, and the conversations you have had with your kids – collectively, your ripples – have more than accomplished what I initially set out to do.

But in spite of this, or perhaps because of it, and because well drilling season is fast approaching, and because I plan to visit Nicaragua in May, and because I think we can do it, I have set a goal to push FOUR the well of it over the edge by World Water Day – March 17th!! Historically, this group was pioneered with contributions of $1 a day to the tune of $365, but has since been morphing with donations of all sizes.

We are a $2,000 dollars away from reaching our goal by World Water Day. If you have been watching from the sidelines and want to be part of this movement, please join us! Donations in any amount (really, any amount is amazing!), will mean clean water for a community in drought-stricken Nicaragua. You, and your people, you will have had a hand in it. It really doesn’t get much more real than that.

If you want to have a tangible hand in bringing ‘life’ to a community, if you think you’ve already committed but aren’t sure if you’ve let me know, if you intend to rally your people before the deadline, please contact me! Or simply make a contribution HERE to start your year by doing something pretty great because, just like Payton, you know it too.

For the well of it.
For the water of it.
For the small-can-be-big of it.
For the you-are-awesome of it.
For the this-is-community of it.

FOUR the well of it,

p.s. Click here for a recap of the wells that have been drilled to date.

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