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On our way out of the Bosawas, our final stop is in Yakalpanani.

The weather is still a mix of sun and rain.

The landscapes are still lush.

Homes are still minimalistic.

And, dentistry is still a spectator sport.

But, there is something about Yakalpanani that makes it different somehow. Or maybe by the time we reach here, I am different. Either way, it is a comfortable feeling.

By day, I work. I help with triage by serving as scribe to the dentist who makes his way through the lineup identifying the work to be completed in each mouth. I can now say that I know the numbers of the teeth in each quadrant of the mouth (seriously, they have numbers, who knew?).

By evening, I play. Yariselpa and Erica are my hosts as we tour the community together. We play games, and run, and be silly, and laugh. We shake hands, and clap hands, and hold hands.

Yes, there was something about Yakalpanani that made it extra memorable. Or maybe it was the someone(s).

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