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Not just about the run

It’s been ten years since I set foot on African soil. Ten years since the Year of Awesome. Ten years since my little world burst wide open. Ten years since I lived out of a backpack, apparently danced the can-can under the African sun (as evidenced above in the highest low-quality photo I could track down from the time), didn’t own actual shorts, and, randomly ran a 10K in Uganda in zip-off travel pants. It wasn’t about the run. It was about being part of the community I was immersed in.

Ten years later (one week from today), I’ll be running a half marathon in Malawi. (I will be wearing running shorts this time. And yes, it kind of feels like cheating…). And it will once again not be about the run. It will be about a group of people coming together to support agriculture projects in the small fishing village of Nkope. It will be about families. It will be about sustainable food sources. It will be about moving mountains to combat malnutrition!

And yes, I know there are no actual mountains in Malawi. But there are no less mountains to move.

I have had so much fun helping awesome ladies create masterpieces this month in support of this project through my #mountainsformalawi workshops! Thank you! I look forward to being your eyes and ears to bring Malawi to you! (So…who wants to be my legs and lungs?!).



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