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the third well of it

For the WELL of it. For the third time! Who would have thought that this little campaign would reach so many. It is my pleasure to be here in El Horcon, but it is because of you that this well has been drilled. So grateful for all the support! You are the spirit of FTWOI. Gracias!

(Drilled back in December: https://forthewellofit.ca/the-patience-of-it/)

Incredibly, before this well was even drilled, before I had announced its success, I was flooded with generosity to kickstart FOUR the well of it.

The Koleyak family donated their annual in-lieu-of-gifts Christmas contribution to us and Conrad donated in the name of his real estate clients to celebrate the holidays. On top of that, new donor Trish stepped up to the plate, and Bearspaw school and the amazing teachers there (Julie and Siara) rallied their students toward the end of the school year. And then, icing on the cake (pun intended), some of you contributed for my BIG birthday last year. How great is all of that??!! Don’t even get me started on the ripple….!

On the heels of well number three, without even reaching out to this community, we have already accumulated an impressive amount of funds to bring water to the FOURTH community to be reached by this network of passionate people. Some of you have been part of the FTWOI group since the beginning; some of you have popped in and out; and some of you have even joined us in the last few months. I am grateful for all of you!

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