the what of it

The what of it is that we are drilling wells in communities in Nicaragua that currently rely on unreliable, often contaminated water sources for all their water needs. The what of it is that people are getting sick. The what of it is that clean water can change lives!

The what of it is that you are supporting Change for Children’s Nicaragua Water Project because you believe, as I do, that water is a human right. Because there are children at risk. Because there are communities in need. Because you can. Because you are awesome. Because “Water is life!”

Project Description: Communities in drought-stricken northern Nicaragua will receive access to a sustainable potable water system. Communities will be engaged in the process of planning and building the water system, and will be empowered to form Water Management Committees, in which local men and women will be responsible for the well-being and maintenance of the water systems into the future. This will happen!

Impact: Lack of access to potable water is extremely detrimental to health – especially that of children – and it also impedes economic and social development. Women and children spend a considerable portion of each day seeking water, which takes time away from other important activities such as school, work, and time with family. Access to clean drinking water will improve quality of health. The prevalence of diseases contracted by water contamination will be reduced dramatically, which will allow children to attend school and receive an education.