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the ripple of it

Earlier this month and last month, I was tickled to be invited to talk to students about the idea of how no one person is too insignificant to create positive change in his/her community, be it the school community, the local community, or the global community!

I stood before classrooms filled with eager third-graders, and I told them that no action is too trivial. I told them about how solitary actions can spread and ripple on. From a small act of kindness that changes someone’s day to a small act of kindness that changes someone’s world, I stressed that small can be BIG. I told them about The Ripple effect. And then I had them repeat after me. Ripple. I had them say it out loud. Ripple! I had them shout it! RIPPLE! Repeatedly. And they did. And it made me smile. Kids are good like that.

I shared stories of the ripple effect I had witnessed right here at home and as far afield as places like Nepal. I told them about you. I fumbled with beakers of blue-tinted water to demonstrate how together we are creating a ripple! I told them about volunteers in Ecuador making education accessible and about a school giving orphans a second chance in Africa.

And, at the end of it all, at the end of our virtual trip around the globe, the single most popular question was consistently, “So…how did you turn that water blue?” Because, you know what? The rest of it, the idea that they can have an impact, the notion that they can create positive change, kids know this stuff! Sure, they get inspired and motivated by hearing the stories, but they innately get it. And they believe it. Without reservation. And that’s the best part! They don’t yet wonder if they can change the world, they simply ponder in what way they will choose to leave their mark. Kids are good like that.

It seems to me that it is not until we reach a certain age that we start doubting ourselves. That we start second-guessing what it all means. That we start questioning our role in the universe. That we start having reservations about our impact or our ability to make one. That we start feeling small.

But, I believe in the ripple. Wholeheartedly! I believe in the continuing and spreading results of an event or action. And I believe know we are creating a ripple right here! So, if you had started to feel small in any way, I hope that this project reminds you that no one person really is too insignificant to do something awesome. I have seen the ripple effect in Nicaragua. I have seen the ripple effect right here! I have seen your involvement ripple into your friends coming on board to make this happen again this year! I have seen the idea behind this campaign ripple into new campaigns started by other like-minded people (more on this later!)

Last night, as I shared the story of the For the Well of It community at the Change for Children AGM, I couldn’t help but be proud of this group and the ripples we are creating.

For the well of it two point oh, my friends! This, this is the ripple of it!
Ripple on, my friends!

P.S. I used blue food coloring to turn the water blue…

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