the how of it

In previous years (see below), this campaign has been supported by ‘teams’, families, and individuals contributing a dollar a day ($365) to collectively fund a water well. Of course, there were also contributors who went above and beyond (like schools and homerooms, because kids (and teachers) are pretty awesome!).

This time around (our FOURTH!), donations in any and every amount will help us reach our goal. The only rule is…there are no rules! No contribution too small or too big! Join us!


FTWOI 1, 2, and 3:

Rally your team together — your family, your friends, your mom, your poker buddies, your coworkers, your team, your yoga class, your brother, your go-to person to do something amazing with (or choose to go it alone!) — and raise $365 over the next year (or choose to contribute to the cause in ANY amount! Remember, small can be big!). Contact me to let me know you’re ALL IN!

$365 is just a dollar a day!

There are so many ways to raise money. And we want to hear how you do it! That is what this blog is all about. Sharing our individual journeys towards collectively making a huge difference in the lives of others.

Perhaps this will be a learning opportunity for your kids. Perhaps they will hold a lemonade stand or collect your bottles throughout the year.

Perhaps there is something in your basement that someone is willing to pay fifty bucks for on Kijiji. Perhaps there are several things!

Perhaps this will be an excuse to finally have that garage sale.

Perhaps there will simply be a jar on your counter where you toss in a loonie every day…

…or perhaps there will be a swear jar…

…or perhaps a laundry jar where pocket change is surrendered…

Perhaps there is no jar at all. No purging, no lemonade stand, just a simple desire to be part of something great by simply writing a cheque, making a one-time donation, or monthly donations throughout the year (be sure to specify ‘For the Well of it’ for all donations).

Tax receipts will be issued for all money raised.

A total of $10,000 raised means drilling one well in a community in need in northern Nicaragua and providing training and support in the establishment of a local water committee to take on the responsibility of maintaining the water system.

Of course, don’t let that limit you. Rest assured, any money raised over and above our goal will simply go towards another well. The need is great. More participation simply means more wells!
So please, share your own ‘how’ of it! Inspire us, entice us, make us laugh, make us cry, make us so excited to share your story that we stay up into the wee hours adding your success to the blog so others can sip their morning coffee and be motivated by you.

Any way you participate, you will be responsible for bringing water to a community that does not currently have a safe, reliable source of clean drinking water. You will be doing that!

You will not be donating money to a mystery project. You will not be funding paper-pushers. You will not have to wonder if you have made a difference. You will change lives. There will be a physical manifestation of your generosity AND a sustainable legacy! I promise.

I have witnessed it. I have been there. I have drank the water. You could visit the well one day and say ‘Hey, we did that.’  For real. I will take you.