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We turn off the main drag much sooner than I had anticipated. We have broken away from the dental brigade clinic day in Somotillo to pay a visit to the community of La Ceibita. I assume this turn means we are almost there. And while we are indeed close, navigating the narrow, pot-holed gravel road is slow-going as we keep to the edges and try not to get high-centred. We only know we have arrived because we are welcomed by this big red behemoth seemingly smiling in our direction. There is no one around, so we emerge from the sanctitude of the AC to investigate.

Oh, and there are cactuses (cacti?). It is that hot.

We start poking around the well-drilling scene. Buckets. Pipes. Thermos. And, in addition to Big Red, well drilling in La Ceibita apparently also involves a kiddie pool. I am intrigued. A man in a bright yellow button-down emerges from the house across the way and heads in our direction. I wonder if he is going to tell us not to disturb the worksite or if he is simply as curious about us as we are him. Hand extended, he introduces himself—the sun bouncing off his silver smile with his every word. We are pleased to meet Pascual. We learn that the worksite had been buzzing all day the day before, and even earlier this morning. But the heat of the day today has the crew seeking reprieve. They will return in the cool of the evening to resume the well-drilling.

We are soon joined by Pascual’s wife, Francesca. They have been keenly watching the process, willing the completion before they run out of their current water supply that they hauled in bucket-by-bucket, down the pot-holed gravel road from which we arrived, from the nearest water source in the dry season. Which is simply not altogether that near.

Inspired by the small-can-be-big approach of this For the Well of It campaign and our For the Well of It community, members of the Lloydminster community rallied their own group together. One hundred tickets sold at $100 each funded this community water well at an event that left organizers and attendees alike feeling pleased and proud that a small group of people can contribute to something pretty extraordinary.

This of course, you and I already know for sure. And we will prove it again this year!

(Pssst… We are still looking to grow the For the Well of It:3rd Generation community this year. Pass it on.)


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